At JNP Aviation Training [JNPAT], we are very 'hands-on' with a large component of our programmes being centred around work-based learning. This means that our learners spend a great deal of time completing practical work out on the apron.

However, we do still have situations where our learners are required to carry out activities and assessments that involve a more theory-based approach. Learners are not alone in this - JNPAT support staff are here to assist you in whatever qualification or short course you wish to embark on. We have the time to spend with you to enable you the best opportunity to achieve.

This list of resources below will be a 'live' list, where we will keep adding resources for your access. You will also have many resources available to you within Moodle which you can access with your login after enrolment.


Don't hesitate to get in touch with us with any learning concern or query. In the meantime - keep checking here for helpful learning tools and resources.

Ākonga Support & wellbeing

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