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"Welcome to the JNP Aviation Training Whānau. We proudly call ourselves a whānau because our team, like any family, share a commitment to a common set of values. We understand and appreciate the true value of people and family and strive to provide empowerment through shared knowledge and collaboration." 

Parent company JNP Aviation is an award-winning (Tauranga Business Award 2021, Workplace Safety) aviation ground-handling company, with beginnings dating back to 2006 when young Niuean-Māori, Josh Payne, started work on the ramp as a contractor  at Whakatane Airport. From there, JNP Aviation began to grow, diversifying into all areas of airport management. Now with over 12o employees JNP Aviation provides ground-handling services for Air New Zealand at up to 16 ports across New Zealand, including at its main port, Tauranga Airport. 

From JNP Aviation’s inception, Josh has taken under his wing many Whakatane youngsters and often members of their whānau, to give them an opportunity and for some a new start in life. Josh has seen many of his staff pathway into other JNP Aviation roles or to Air New Zealand, from ‘rampie’ to ramp manager, to team leader – even to flight attendant and pilot.  Josh resonates with people like himself, who didn’t walk into university straight after school but for whom – given the opportunity to work hard, and with meaningful support and guidance – opportunities can be endless.

Josh recognised the need for qualifications in the aviation ground operations area – for innovative and practical education (not paper-based, cross crediting) designed to provide a viable pathway for all those ramp agents across New Zealand to be able to gain industry-specific skills and valuable soft skills, to improve their employment prospects in aviation and beyond.

JNP Aviation Training was registered a Private Training Establishment (PTE) and an ideal vocational education hub, in August 2021. Our logo showcases the karearea (New Zealand falcon) – a bird endemic to Aotearoa, and capable of flying at speeds of up to 200 km/h and catching prey larger than itself. For Josh, this symbol represents power and strength from someone fighting above their weight.

Mā te rongo, ka mōhio; mā te mōhio; ka mārama.

From listening comes knowledge, from knowledge comes understanding, from understanding comes wisdom, from wisdom comes well-being.

Ua sau le va’a na tiu, ‘ae tali le va’a na tau, o lo’omamau lago o le va’a na fao afolau.

A safe and prosperous journey is welcomed bY THose who support them

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why choose us

Airport operations roles are vital to providing a safe, efficient airport environment and good customer service. All airport operations require specialist skills and knowledge. Those working with aircraft and on airports must be properly trained and qualified according to aviation law and regulations.

At JNP Aviation Training you will receive expert hands-on training leading to New Zealand qualifications and the opportunity to find your dream job in the aviation industry. We will provide you with the best possible opportunity to gain the highest standards in the industry giving you that competitive edge.  You’ll be training with New Zealand’s leading aviation service provider, JNP Aviation, gaining tangible industry experience by enrolling in programmes based at our Tauranga training hub.

You’ll be receiving the best possible start to your aviation career.

We will personally help you navigate towards employment with our industry partners.

JNP Aviation training study options

Select the right study option for you - an entirely new programme or a mini-package of specialised credentials in aviation (micro-credential). Take your pick.

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