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gain hands-on experience and industry recognised qualifications with jnp aviation training, TAURANGA.

Airport operations roles are vital to providing a safe and efficient airport environment and good customer service. All airport operations require specialist skills and knowledge. Those working with aircraft and on airports must be properly trained and qualified according to aviation law and regulations.

JNP Aviation Training [JNPAT] is a new aviation tertiary provider, specialising in ground operations in aviation. JNPAT provides expert hands-on training leading to NZQA approved qualifications and micro-credentials and the opportunity to find your dream job in the aviation industry. You’ll be training alongside JNPAT’s parent company, JNP Aviation who provides world class aviation services. This means you will be gaining tangible industry experience by enrolling in our unique programmes based at the Tauranga training hub.

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At JNP Aviation Training we understand and appreciate the true value of people and family and strive to provide empowerment through shared knowledge and collaboration. Our programmes and micro-credentials provide you with the necessary unit standards or qualifications to upskill or obtain a career in aviation along with a rare opportunity for learning,  job placements and career opportunities across JNP Aviation’s network of airports throughout New Zealand.

our vision

To provide excellence in aviation training

our mission

To consistently provide quality training for JNP Aviation Training learners resulting in a clear pathway to a meaningful and exciting career.  

Why choose jnp aviation training?

JNP Aviation Training’s parent company, JNP Aviation, provides world class airport handling services in the aviation sector. This means the learners at JNP Aviation Training will be learning on-site with experts who have vast industry knowledge and experience - they really know their stuff!  

By choosing JNP Aviation Training [JNPAT], you’ll be receiving the best possible start to your aviation career.


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