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Mā te rongo, ka mōhio; mā te mōhio; ka mārama.
From listening comes knowledge, from knowledge comes understanding, from understanding comes wisdom, from wisdom comes well-being. [bopdhb.govt.nz]

Nau mai haere mai, fakaalofa lahi atu!

Welcome all ākonga - to JNP Aviation Training - a new and exciting tertiary provider of NZQA accredited aviation programmes and micro-credentials.

This essential role exists as part of our support team to help sustain and expand the supportive learning environment for all students at JNPAT. Aifai Esera (About Us) is the perfect fit for this support role; not only has he worked in Aviation Ground Operations, he also has an acute understanding of the context that comes with being a Pacific Islander raised in New Zealand. Born and raised in the village of Tuana'i in Samoa, Aifai's role is to provide inclusiveness and continuity for Pacific and Māori ākonga - and all JNP Aviation Training students by being present and available.

A good 'team environment' for all students at JNP Aviation Training is paramount to the well-being and success of our students. The Ākonga Support  will always be around for a good kōrero!

The whole JNPAT team looks forward to meeting with you and embarking on this amazing aviation journey at JNP Aviation Training.

Let the fun begin!


At JNP Aviation Training we support our learners through learning whilst being attentive to every individual's well-being and safety. This is a 'live' collection of resources that we will continue to update and add to. Don't hesitate to contact any of the JNP Aviation Training team with any query or concern!


The Education (Pastoral Care of Tertiary and International Learners) Code of Practice 2021 (the Code) supports the well-being of tertiary and international learners enrolled with New Zealand education providers who:
* enrol international learners
* enrol domestic tertiary learners, and/or
* enrol (with a tertiary provider) industry trainees or apprentices.

*supports the well-being of tertiary and international learners enrolled with New Zealand education providers.
*sets out the requirements that education providers must meet for the well-being and safety of their learners.      
*covers learners who are studying online, offshore, and/or in workplace-based settings.
*sets out the requirements that education providers must meet for the well-being and safety of their learners as well as the best possible support system and student experience.

The code has twelve outcomes relevant to tertiary providers. Outcomes 1-4 apply to all tertiary learners, outcomes 5-7 apply students in student accommodation, and outcomes 8-12 apply only to international learners. Outcomes 1-4 are applicable to JNP Aviation Training learners.

Outcomes 1 and 2 focus on education providers taking a whole organisation approach to learner well-being and safety and that learner’s voice is embedded into the organisation.

Outcomes 3 and 4 focus on well-being and safety practices for all tertiary providers and relate to physical and digital learning environments. Safe, inclusive, supportive, and accessible physical and digital learning environments - CHECK OUT THE VIDEOS BELOW...

Under the code JNP Aviation Training should be helping learners to be:     
* safe physically and mentally    
* respected and accepting of who they are     
* supported in their learning and wellbeing      
* connected with social and cultural networks      
* able to have a say in decisions about services

How JNP Aviation Training is working towards complying with the code:
JNP Aviation Training has gathered the information needed through an initial GAP Analysis process to inform JNP Aviation Training and their learners about the effectiveness of our current practices in relation to the Code outcomes sought for JNPAT’s learners. At the end of this analysis, JNP Aviation Training has provided an Action Plan for Nov 2023 – Nov2024, to carry out the following:      
*Based on our analysis, indicate what we need to do differently in the coming year.·    
*Identify who is responsible for implementing the planned next steps, and by when.      
*Explain how will we monitor our plan to ensure that it is implemented.      
*Explain how will we know that the actions we took were successful.

Review of the code
: JNP Aviation Training is committed to reviewing the code regularly which includes our support of learners, listening to our learners and assessing how well we are meeting the outcomes outlined in the code.

Details of these reviews are available here for public and our learners to read and provide us with feedback at any time.

Know the code - mŌhio ke te rĀrangi

For all tertiary students at JNP Aviation Training! The Code for learner safety and well-being ensures there is a system for you to be respected, protected and supported when you are studying.

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