Leadership in Aviation

19 Credits


Leadership in Aviation is a short course that provideds learners with valuable skills and knowledge to implement effective and supportive leadership in a team setting and in the workplace as whole.

Entry requirements

There are no prerequisites for this course. This course provides people in industry with the knowledge and skills to be effective leaders and therefore embark on team leadership opportunities in the workplace. Please contact us pre-enrolment through our Expression of Interest form and we will ensure that this is the right Course for you and/or your organisation.

Purpose statement

JNP Aviation Training (JNPAT) is aviation’s new and exciting NZQA accredited tertiary training provider is offering this short Course to enable learners to gain skills in effective leadership in aviation and in the workplace as whole.


As a leader in aviation ground operations, it is essential for you to know and apply the very important safety and security rules in aviation. You will learn how to best demonstrate to your own team the need for Protective Personal Equipment (PPE) out on the apron and the rules in place that keep staff and passengers safe and secure when at the airport.


A supportive and successful leader leads by example. You will identify a kitset of contributions and challenges arising from cultural diversity in the workplace and learn various strategies which support positive working relationships in the aviation environment.


In the aviation business, skills and knowledge are often taught and learnt on the job. Leadership is difficult to learn ‘on the run’. You will have the time with an experienced leader and facilitator to share your own experiences and gain a robust kitset of knowledge around teams and team leadership in ground operations.


As a leader it is important to know various problem-solving methods to assist your team in the workplace. You will learn to apply appropriate problem-solving methods to real-life problems in ground operations. You will learn to effectively communicate in a team and lead your workmates towards achieving a work-related objective in aviation ground operations.


It is a leader’s responsibility to respond confidently and effectively to any complaints that occur in the workplace. You will demonstrate knowledge of your own reactions to oral complaints and effectively respond to oral complaints in one-to-one situations in aviation ground operations.

Graduate profile

Continue to up-skill in your career in aviation. This industry offers so many unique career paths for you to pursue. We guarantee your experience will be both challenging and enjoyable.

Career opportunities

This package of unit standards provides people in industry with the knowledge and skills to be effective leaders and therefore embark on team leadership opportunities in the workplace.

Regularity requirements

Currently this course is provided within the aviation industry. Please contact admin@jnpat.ac.nz for any queries.

Key Dates

Courses begin in 2023 

Further training or study

Leadership in Aviation is also stacked towards the following:

• New Zealand Certificate in Ground Operations, Ramp Handing (Level 3)
• New Zealand Certificate in Business (Introduction to Team Leadership) (Level 3)

Start date

Commencing at times to suit industry groups and facilitators

Course duration

20 Weeks - or to suit industry

Study Location

JNP Aviation Training, Hangar 8, Aerodrome Road, Mount Maunganui, online and in the workplace. Not available to international students

Days on site per week

1 day per fortnight (or arrangement to suit industry)



Delivery method

Students will spend 11 days onsite at JNPAT. 1 Day ( 7 hours ) per fortnight will be face to face learning. 1 day a week ( 5 hours ) self-directed learning – moodle LMS and JNPAT resources.

Course and assesSment type

Practical onsite assessment and online theory measured in unit standards



Costs to students

Industry cover dependent


19 Credits

youth guarantee



This is a short course of unit standards containing 19 credits

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