Assessing in Industry [4098, 9681]

9 Credits


The Assessing in Industry Course is highly sought-after in industry; NZQA 4098 - Use standards to assess candidate performance. The course is taught by an experienced educator who has taught 4098 in many industries. This specific 4098 has been tailored to the aviation industry and ideally suits participants available for the full day in the JNPAT classroom in Tauranga (alongside the Tauranga airport). This enables discussion, learning and assessment to take place in an industry group setting with face to face support and guidance. Participants share and learn industry knowledge and take home their 4098 result after course completion. It also includes a Communication unit standard, 9681 Contribute within a team or group which has an objective.

Note: This Assessing in Industry (4098) can be tailored to any industry so please feel free to enquire [admin@jnpat.ac.nz]

Entry requirements

There are no prerequisites for this course. This course is designed for anyone who wishes to assess against standards or standard operating procedures in their workplace or for a training provider. Please contact us pre-enrolment through our Expression of Interest form and we will ensure that this is the right Course for you and/or your organisation.

Purpose statement

People credited with this unit standard are able to: prepare for and conduct assessment; complete assessment administration; and review the assessment practice; and contribute within a team or group which has an objective.

Graduate profile

Graduates will be able to assess candidates in unit standards (once registered with a provider) and commnicate effectively in a team.

Career opportunities

This assessor's course is a stand-alone education and training unit standard, valuable in and of itself, that meets the needs of employers and industry. Unit standard 4098 is a requirement for training in aviation and is also stacked towards the New Zealand Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching. Therefore this course is also a first step towards a New Zealand qualification in adult teaching and assessment. In addition, unit standard 9681 is also a unit standard within JNPATs Take Off micro-credential, and within the JNPAT New Zealand Certificate in Aviation (Ground Handling, Ramp Operations strand).

Regularity requirements


Key Dates

Please contact alice@jnpat.ac.nz to organise dates - ideally a group of 6 minimum, however please make contact to discuss your requirements.

Further training or study

There are many education unit standards that you can do to advance your knowledge and skills in education: 11551 - Quality Assure Assessments (including moderation) and 11552 - Design and evaluate assessment materials can both be provided by JNPAT and are a stepping stone towards the New Zealand Certificate in Adult and Tertiary Teaching.

Start date

Available throughout the year.

Course duration

Two full days face to face (or flexible online learning). Materials will be provided 3 weeks in advance (Moodle) to allow self-directed learning.

Study Location

JNPAT Training rooms, Hangar 8, 142 Aerodrome Road, Tauranga (located next to the Tauranga Airport). We can also use your training rooms if organised in advance. Not available to international students

Days on site per week

Two days



Delivery method

Two days face to face with an experienced facilitator and a group of participants from your industry (groups are advisable for discussion and group work) - flexible online learning is an alternative option. Workbook and assessment activities are provided (hard copy in class and online with moodle) and learners are supported by the facilitator for every learning situation. This Course is specific to your industry.

Course and assesSment type

The course is assessed via competency-based assessment activities. The assessments take place (and are marked) over the 2 days face to face. Online in a flexible learning situation agreed upon with the learner or group of learners and their facilitator is an option). The course is measured in unit standard.



Costs to students

All resources are provided including pre-moderated JNPAT assessments, moodle resources and hard copy materials to take home.


9 Credits

youth guarantee



NZQA 4098 - Use standards to assess candidate performance, 9681 - Contribute within a team or group which has an objective.

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