Caleb Kapua-Priest

Ramps Services Agent

Where your studies with JNP Aviation Training could take you

Caleb has graduated from the Secondary School Take Off student to a Ramp Service agent for JNP Aviation.Caleb works with JNP staff and Air New Zealand crew to assist in marshalling aircraft safely to the ground and ensuring passengers disembark safely and receive their luggage at the terminal. And, of course, Caleb and his Ramp Agent team see passengers safely onto the aircraft with their bags loaded correctly onto the aircraft and marshall the Air New Zealand pilots and their aircraft onto the runway towards their destination.

What it's like to study at JNP Aviation Training

Caleb explains(News page) he was nervous in Auckland (Air New Zealand Training) because he didn’t know if there were going to be the same questions in the workplace training as in our JNPAT aviation class – but he found actually wasn’t too different – so really helpful JNPAT  covered so much of the real workplace learning in the study environment.

“My favourite experience on the (JNPAT )Course is getting something new ticked off just means I’m someone different”

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